Learn about the Parts of the Violin

A great violinist must build up a cache of knowledge in many disciplines. Playing technique is an obvious one—violinists must be able to bow, finger, and pluck the strings of their instrument in any manner of ways, from the first position to the second, third, and fourth positions.

Knowledge of the great literature for violin is another requirement. From Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms to Mark O’Connor and Jean-Luc Ponty, there is abundant violin music in all genres that players may be expected to have familiarity with. Also required is the ability to read music on the treble clef.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, violinists must understand their own instrument. While there is an entire field of professionals who build, alter, and repair violins—these people are known as luthiers—a player will be expected to perform minor maintenance on his or her own instrument. He or she will also need to know the parts of the instrument in order to have a dialogue with a teacher, with other players, or with a conductor.a

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